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Manila Bay'S STORY

Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron


Manila Bay Filipino Restaurant came from an idea that even though you aren't in the Philippines you can still get your Filipino fix right here in Colorado. We pride ourselves on excellent food and great customer service but most importantly we offer classic and non traditional Filipino food that you can't find anywhere else. Our goal is to not only serve the best Filipino food but we want to introduce Filipino food not only to those who know the culture but to everyone around the world. It is our vision that we will be able to introduce the Filipino flavors of to every culture in Colorado and in the United States as a whole. We hope that you come here learning something about us as a company and the culture that we have brought to you.

Respecting Ingredients

We prepare every single dish with love, care and respect for it's ingredients.  Upholding traditional cooking methods yet pushing the boundaries to bring our diners and guests flavors you will not forget - that is our mission.

Image by Duane Mendes
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